Fuel and Lube Test kits for Industrial and Marine applications.

Ferrous Wear Meter

Suitable for on board, field and laboratory use, the FWM
provides you with the ability to successfully monitor your equipment,
preventing costly machinery downtime.

Contained in a fully portable case, it’s rugged design is ideal for
testing and analysing oil samples both in the laboratory or in the

Ferrous debris is measured directly from the oil in the sample
container, providing you with a quick, simple and clean method of

By trending of ferrous wear measurements over time, any increase
in wear levels can be monitored and appropriate actions taken to
mitigate any damage.

The device can be used for feed rate optimisation of cylinder
scrapedown feed rates, allowing savings to be made in oil use, with
confidence that catastrophic cylinder damage is not being caused to
the liner and ring packs due to under lubrication.

Parker Kittiwake Ferrous Wear Meter (FWM) measures un-combined ferrous wear debris in oil samples taken from a variety of types of machinery, including used cylinder scrapedown oil. A simple, easy to use instrument provides instant, accurate measurements of ferrous wear content.

  • Used in conjunction with Parker Kittiwakes Cold Corrosion Test Kit (use to detect the corroded iron value in PPM of the scrapedown oil), the full picture of cylinder operating conditions can be obtained. This has the distinct advantage over total iron measurements obtained by other test methods in that the portion of wear attributable to cold corrosion and that attributable to metal on metal contact (scuffing, under lubrication, ring pack cracks or damage) can be instantly seen and the right corrective action immediately taken.
  • Simple, graphical user
  • Immediate ferrous wear
    measurement in PPM
  •  Schedule maintenance
    as required
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Decreased downtime
  • Reduced scrapedown oil

Measurement Range 0 – 2500 PPM

Resolution (0 – 1000 PPM) +/- 10 PPM

Resolution (1005 – 2500 PPM) +/- 1% %

Power Supply 80 – 260 Volts AC 

Operating Temp. 15 – 40 deg. C

Sample Size 5 ml